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Infant & Toddler Classrooms

In an infant or toddler classroom, your child’s primary caregiver is caring for your child along with three others.

You will witness teachers:

  • Observing children and responding promptly, appropriately, and tenderly.
  • Getting down on the floor and playing with children at their level.
  • Talking with children about colors and textures.
  • Counting for them-their fingers, the number of chairs around the table-counting anything and everything!
  • Encouraging children’s exploration by following their lead and repeating their actions.

There are quiet places for infants/toddlers to be alone or to cuddle and hear a story. Pictures that the children will enjoy are displayed on the walls. The room is furnished with soft pillows, seats, and cushions.

There are play materials at the children’s level and easily accessible. The focus of all conversation in the classroom is on children and what they’re doing and/or what the caregiver is doing with them.

Separate areas are set up for diapering, eating, sleeping, etc.

There are no breakable items in the room. Gates surround stairwells or exits, and only non-toxic materials are used.

Your child’s primary caregiver talks and sings to your child as she changes his or her diapers. During potty training we follow the child’s lead. The teachers follow the potty training plan they discussed with you.

Your baby is fed whenever s/he is hungry. Feeding and meal times are treated as learning times. Your baby is rocked and encouraged to hold their own bottles and feed themselves.

Your toddler is encouraged to participate in setting up the meal and cleaning up the meal table. Teachers and other adults eat with toddlers and encourage their exploration and language development during this important of the routine.

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