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PAC/Time (Parent And Child Time)

PAC/Time is...

  • Regularly scheduled sessions during the program year (last Tuesday of the month) excluding the month of December
  • Quality one-on-one time between parents and children
  • Literacy focused
  • Supported by all staff
  • Element of New World Curriculum

Goals of PAC Time…

  • Reinforcing PICA’s philosophy that the parent is the first and primary educator of their children.
  • Empowering parents to expand their skills, resources and knowledge as their child’s primary teacher.
  • Giving parents opportunities to interact with their child; and to see how their child learns, his/her interests, skills, and development in a classroom environment.
  • Giving parents the tools they need to extend and support the classroom learning in the home.
  • Providing an opportunity for parents to make observations in an environment they are comfortable in and where teachers can role model and be there to support parents as they develop their skills in helping their child’s early education.

Role of staff…

  • To get parent and child engaged together with the literacy-based activity lead by teachers, by staff encouraging parents and modeling positive behavior. This activity reflects the New World Curriculum. Teachers. Will also provide additional materials and support as needed for parents interacting with their child. The goals of this section of PAC/Time are to support the development of literacy in both parents and children; to provide for a transfer of school readiness skills and learning to the home setting.
  • If a parent has more than one child, staff (including driver and advocates) interacts with children.
  • Discuss with families what the current curriculum topic is, monthly newsletter, and other pertinent information going on in the classroom, center and agency wide events.
  • Prior to the closure of the evening, teachers give families a take home activity related to the topic, to provide an opportunity to support and enhance what was learned that evening.
“I have attended wonderful PAC meetings that have helped my child have a stronger bond together by doing activities and just spending that quality time with my child.”

--PICA Parent

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