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The PICA-Pedia, a multi-volume work, provides the basis of the training curriculum for all major staff positions. The PICA-Pedia volumes provide specific information in: Leadership, Education Services for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, (including disabilities & mental health). Nutrition Services, Social Services and Parent Involvement, and Transportation Services. The Administrative Volume of the PICA-Pedia provides overall information important to all PICA staff.

The PICA-Pedia reflects perspectives and expertise of staff providing direct services to children and families.

Each volume of the PICA-Pedia provides a statement of philosophy of the different services, along with a set of key work processes. A key work process (KWP) is a general set of duties and responsibilities that is essential to the achievement of the overall philosophy. KWPs indicate a work process that is key or essential to the position as a whole. It is important to note that the KWPs for positions are general in nature. They do not tell us the specific skills needed by staff, or the specific actions that must be taken to achieve the position and agency mission. Each key work process is defined by a philosophical statement describing the rationale or why it is done.

Within the key work processes, the PICA-Pedia volumes contain specific competencies for Leaders, Teachers, Drivers, Parent/Child Advocates and Nutrition Staff. These individual competencies contribute to the achievement of the key work processes, and ultimately, the position and agency mission. Within each competency, an indicator or outcome of a specific action, skill, or piece of knowledge is provided which contributes to the understanding and accomplishment of the competency. While the philosophy statements and key work processes tend to be general, the competency indicators are specific. The competencies are in the “nuts and bolts” of each job.

PICA Leadership has decades of experience in designing and successfully implementing services for families and children. Staff members are available to provide training and technical assistance based on their experience and lessons learned. Areas that training/technical assistance are available in include:

  • Program Design/Administration
  • Program Outcomes and Best Practices
  • Family Support Services
  • Child Care (creating, partnerships, developing appropriate child care, and supporting child care providers)
  • Health
  • Self-Sufficiency

PICA-Pedia is a synthesis of PICA’s decades of practice and research for delivering quality comprehensive child and family support services. PICA-Pedia is especially useful for agencies designing and implementing Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Nutrition

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